Pantheon has information on 3,555 Writers born between 2285 BC and 1990. 21.49% or 764 are still alive. The most famous living Writers include Stephen King, Paulo Coelho, and Milan Kundera. The most famous deceased Writers include Homer, William Shakespeare, and Zoroaster.

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Most Writers were born in United States (563), United Kingdom (403), and France (385). By city, the most common birth places were London (172), Paris (138), and New York City (131).The most common death places of Writers were France (411), United States (361), and United Kingdom (273). By city, these were Paris (278), London (180), and New York City (92).

The first Writers in Pantheon are Hesiod, Homer, and Enheduanna.  The concentration of Writers was largest during the Newspaper Era, which lasted from 1700 to 1899. Some birth or death locations for earlier Writers are unknown, which may account for timeline differences below.

Which Writers were alive at the same time? This visualization shows the lifespans of the 25 most globally memorable Writers since 1700.

Writers are found within the Humanities domain which also contains the following occupations Philosopher, Historian, Linguist, Journalist, and Critic.