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With 182 biographies, Psychologists are the 50th most common occupation in Pantheon, behind Extremists, Sculptors, and Celebrities.

Pantheon has 183 people classified as psychologists born between 1795 and 1967. Of these 183, 32 (17.49%) of them are still alive today. The most famous living psychologists include Albert Bandura, Daniel Kahneman, and Irvin D. Yalom. The most famous deceased psychologists include Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Jean Piaget. As of October 2020, 15 new psychologists have been added to Pantheon including René Spitz, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Rensis Likert.

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Most psychologists were born in United States (62), Germany (18), and United Kingdom (16). By city, the most common birth places were New York City (12), Vienna (10), and Berlin (6).The most common death places of psychologists were United States (81), United Kingdom (16), and France (16). By city, these were New York City (11), Paris (8), and London (7).

The earliest biographies classified as psychologists in Pantheon are Alexander Bain, Gustav Fechner, and Ernst Heinrich Weber.  The concentration of psychologists was largest during the Radio & Film Era, which lasted from 1900 to 1949. Some birth or death locations for earlier psychologists are unknown, which may account for timeline differences below.

Which Psychologists were alive at the same time? This visualization shows the lifespans of the 25 most globally memorable Psychologists since 1700.

Psychologists are found within the Science & Technology domain which also includes Biologists, Mathematicians, Physicists, Astronomers, and Chemists.