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Pitești ranks 1,091st in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Kathmandu, Stamford, Connecticut, and Ravenna. Memorable people born in Pitești include Ion Antonescu, Armand Călinescu, and Dimitrie Brătianu. Memorable people who died in Pitești include Nicolae Dobrin. Pitești has been the birth place of many soccer players and politicians and the death place of many soccer players. Pitești is located in Romania.

Pitești is a city in Romania, located on the river Argeș. The capital and largest city of Argeș County, it is an important commercial and industrial center, as well as the home of two universities. Pitești is situated in the historical region of Muntenia. It lies on the A1 freeway connecting the city directly to the national capital Bucharest, being an important railway junction, with a classification yard in nearby Bălilești. The city houses the Arpechim oil refinery, and is a marketing center for the automotive industry, in particular, Automobile Dacia. Read more on Wikipedia

Between 1818 and 1987, Pitești was the birth place of 10 globally memorable people, including Ion Antonescu, Armand Călinescu, and Dimitrie Brătianu. Additionaly, 1 globally memorable people have passed away in Pitești including Nicolae Dobrin.

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Most individuals born in present day Pitești were soccer players (4), politicians (3), tennis players (2), and athletes (1),  while most who died were soccer players (1).

Below is a visual represetation of the lifespans of the top 4 globally memorable people born in Pitești since 1700.