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Bandung ranks 2,606th in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Barrow-in-Furness, Saga (city), and Mostaganem. Memorable people born in Bandung include Henk Badings, Taufik Hidayat, and Angelique Widjaja. Memorable people who died in Bandung include Adam Malik. Bandung has been the birth place of many composers and badminton players and the death place of many politicians. Bandung is located in Indonesia.

Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia. Based on the 2015 estimate, it is Indonesia's fourth most populous city after Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bekasi with over 2.5 million inhabitants. Greater Bandung is the country's third-largest metropolitan area with over 8.5 million inhabitants. Located 768 metres above sea level, approximately 140 kilometres southeast of Jakarta, Bandung has cooler year-round temperatures than most other Indonesian cities. The city lies on a river basin surrounded by volcanic mountains that provides a natural defence system, which was the primary reason for the Dutch East Indies government's plan to move the capital from Batavia to Bandung. Read more on Wikipedia

Between 1907 and 1984, Bandung was the birth place of 3 globally memorable people, including Henk Badings, Taufik Hidayat, and Angelique Widjaja. Additionaly, 1 globally memorable people have passed away in Bandung including Adam Malik.

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Most individuals born in present day Bandung were composers (1), badminton players (1), and tennis players (1),  while most who died were politicians (1).

Below is a visual represetation of the lifespans of the top 1 globally memorable people born in Bandung since 1700.