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This page contains a list of the greatest Turkish Actors. The pantheon dataset contains 10,030 Actors, 60 of which were born in Turkey. This makes Turkey the birth place of the 18th most number of Actors behind China and Brazil.

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The following people are considered by Pantheon to be the top 10 most legendary Turkish Actors of all time. This list of famous Turkish Actors is sorted by HPI (Historical Popularity Index), a metric that aggregates information on a biography’s online popularity. Visit the rankings page to view the entire list of Turkish Actors.

Photo of Nebahat Çehre

1. Nebahat Çehre (1944 - )

With an HPI of 71.00, Nebahat Çehre is the most famous Turkish Actor.  Her biography has been translated into 23 different languages on wikipedia.

Hilal Nebahat Çehre (Turkish pronunciation: [nebaˌhat tʃehˈɾe]; born 15 March 1943), is a Turkish actress, model, and singer who was crowned Miss Turkey 1960. She is best known for her protagonistic roles as Firdevs Yöreoğlu on the Kanal D drama series Aşk-ı Memnu (2008–10) and as Hafsa Sultan on the series Muhteşem Yüzyıl (2011–12).As the Miss Turkey, Çehre represented Turkey in the Miss World 1960 pageant held in London, United Kingdom. She also represented Turkey in the Miss Universe 1965 beauty pageant which took place on 24 July 1965 at the Miami Beach Auditorium in Miami Beach, Florida, United States.

Photo of Türkan Şoray

2. Türkan Şoray (1945 - )

With an HPI of 67.86, Türkan Şoray is the 2nd most famous Turkish Actor.  Her biography has been translated into 27 different languages.

Türkan Şoray (Adyghe: Щорае Туркан; born 28 June 1945) is a Turkish actress, writer and film director of Circassian origin. She is known as "Sultan" of the Cinema of Turkey. She started her career in 1960, and won her first award as the most successful actress at the 1st Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival for the movie Acı Hayat. Having appeared in more than 222 films, Şoray has starred in the most feature films for a female actress worldwide. On 12 March 2010, Şoray was chosen as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador in Turkey, about which she said: "I think there is nothing that cannot be done with love. If we combine power with love, we can overcome many problems".Together with Hülya Koçyiğit, Filiz Akın and Fatma Girik, she is an icon for a golden age in Turkish cinematography and is regarded as one of the four most important actresses in Turkish cinema. Out of these actresses, Şoray is the only one who also pursued a career in film directing, and directed the movies Dönüş (1972), Azap (1973), Bodrum Hâkimi (1976), Yılanı Öldürseler (1981), and Uzaklarda Arama (2015).

Photo of Cüneyt Arkın

3. Cüneyt Arkın (1937 - )

With an HPI of 67.58, Cüneyt Arkın is the 3rd most famous Turkish Actor.  His biography has been translated into 23 different languages.

Fahrettin Cüreklibatır (born 7 September 1937), better known by his stage name Cüneyt Arkın, is a Turkish film actor, director, producer and martial artist. Having starred in somewhere around 300 movies and TV series, he is widely considered one of the most prominent Turkish actors of all time. His films shown abroad credited him as George Arkin. Arkın's films have ranged from well-received dramas to mockbusters throughout his career spanning four decades. Early in his career, Arkın became known for starring in historical dramas taking place during the first centuries of the Ottoman Empire and Anatolian Seljuks, such as Malkoçoğlu Cem Sultan and Battal Gazi. While gaining success with such action-based films, he also took part in political films in the late 1970s, the most famous of those being The Adam Trilogy directed by Remzi Aydın Jöntürk. Arkın and Jöntürk continued their collaboration on many other films. Cüneyt Arkın and Fatma Girik are one of the most famous partnerships of Yeşilçam Turkish cinema. In the 1980s, Arkın became known abroad for the film Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saves The World, also known as Turkish Star Wars), a low-budget science fantasy martial arts film, tentatively famous for featuring bootlegged scenes from Star Wars. Today, the B movie has a cult following.

Photo of Halit Ergenç

4. Halit Ergenç (1970 - )

With an HPI of 67.47, Halit Ergenç is the 4th most famous Turkish Actor.  His biography has been translated into 37 different languages.

Halit Ergenç (Turkish pronunciation: [haˈlit æɾˈɟentʃ]; born 30 April 1970) is a Turkish actor known for his role as Sultan Suleiman I in Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Onur Aksal in Binbir Gece and Cevdet in Vatanim Sensin.

Photo of Tchéky Karyo

5. Tchéky Karyo (1953 - )

With an HPI of 67.03, Tchéky Karyo is the 5th most famous Turkish Actor.  His biography has been translated into 28 different languages.

Tchéky Karyo (French: [tʃeki kɑʁjo]; born 4 October 1953) is a French actor and musician of Turkish origin. Beginning his career as an actor on stage in classical and contemporary works, he began to work as a character actor in films in the 1980s. He has acted in numerous films by Hollywood and French directors, including Luc Besson. His film credits includes La Femme Nikita, Vincent and Me, Nostradamus, Crying Freeman, Bad Boys, GoldenEye, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The Patriot and Kiss of the Dragon. His television roles include Dr. Willy Rozenbaum in the HBO film And the Band Played On, Georges Méliès in the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, and French detective Julien Baptiste in the BBC crime drama The Missing, and its spin-off series Baptiste. His performance in La Balance saw him nominated for a César Award for Most Promising Actor.

Photo of Tuncel Kurtiz

6. Tuncel Kurtiz (1936 - 2013)

With an HPI of 66.88, Tuncel Kurtiz is the 6th most famous Turkish Actor.  His biography has been translated into 18 different languages.

Tuncel Tayanç Kurtiz (1 February 1936 – 27 September 2013) was a Turkish theatre, movie and TV series actor, playwright, and film director. Since 1964, he acted in more than 70 movies, including many international productions.

Photo of Kemal Sunal

7. Kemal Sunal (1944 - 2000)

With an HPI of 66.70, Kemal Sunal is the 7th most famous Turkish Actor.  Her biography has been translated into 18 different languages.

Ali Kemal Sunal (11 November 1944 – 3 July 2000) was a Turkish actor. With Hababam Sınıfı, Kapıcılar Kralı and Davaro, Sunal gained large popularity amongst Turkish cinema goers and was famed for his character "Şaban", a role he frequently played.

Photo of Magali Noël

8. Magali Noël (1931 - 2015)

With an HPI of 65.84, Magali Noël is the 8th most famous Turkish Actor.  Her biography has been translated into 17 different languages.

Magali Noëlle Guiffray (27 June 1931 – 23 June 2015), better known as Magali Noël, was a French actress and singer.

Photo of Vahide Perçin

9. Vahide Perçin (1965 - )

With an HPI of 64.32, Vahide Perçin is the 9th most famous Turkish Actor.  Her biography has been translated into 22 different languages.

Vahide Perçin (born 13 June 1965) is a Turkish actress and television personality. She was credited for a number of years by her married name Vahide Gördüm, but after divorcing, she went back to her birth name.

Photo of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

10. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ (1983 - )

With an HPI of 64.11, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is the 10th most famous Turkish Actor.  His biography has been translated into 38 different languages.

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ (Turkish pronunciation: [kɯˈvantʃ ˈtatɫɯtuː]; born 27 October 1983) is a Turkish actor, model, and former basketball player. He is one of the highest-paid actors in Turkey and has won many awards, including three Golden Butterfly Awards and a Yeşilçam Cinema Award. Tatlıtuğ won the pageants Best Model of Turkey and Best Model of the World in 2002. Tatlıtuğ has established himself as a leading actor of Turkey with roles in several of the highly successful television series, that includes Menekşe ile Halil (2007–2008), Aşk-ı Memnu (2008–2010), Kuzey Güney (2011–2013) and Cesur ve Güzel (2016–2017), all of which garnered him critical acclaim and international recognition, portraying researcher Arman in the Netflix original series Into the Night (2020–2021) and Into the Deep (2022).

Pantheon has 60 people classified as actors born between 1884 and 1993. Of these 60, 50 (83.33%) of them are still alive today. The most famous living actors include Nebahat Çehre, Türkan Şoray, and Cüneyt Arkın. The most famous deceased actors include Tuncel Kurtiz, Kemal Sunal, and Magali Noël. As of October 2020, 20 new actors have been added to Pantheon including Cüneyt Arkın, Haluk Bilginer, and Halit Akçatepe.

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