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Rwanda ranks 5,959th in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Piedmont, Rhode Island, and Romania. Memorable people born in Rwanda include Agathe Uwilingiyimana. Rwanda has been the birth place of many politicians. Rwanda is located in Rwanda.

Rwanda, formerly Ruanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda, is a country in Central Africa and one of the smallest countries on the African mainland. Located a few degrees south of the Equator, Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rwanda is in the African Great Lakes region and is highly elevated; its geography is dominated by mountains in the west and savanna to the east, with numerous lakes throughout the country. The climate is temperate to subtropical, with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons each year. Read more on Wikipedia

In 1953, Rwanda was the birth place of 1 globally memorable people, including Agathe Uwilingiyimana.

People Born in Rwanda

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Most individuals born in present day Rwanda were politicians (1),  while most who died were .

Below is a visual represetation of the lifespans of the top 1 globally memorable people born in Rwanda since 1700.