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Pujilí ranks 8,362nd in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Pszczyna, Bolesławiec, and Shiroi. Memorable people born in Pujilí include Guillermo Rodríguez and Antonio José González Zumárraga. Pujilí has been the birth place of many politicians and religious figures. Pujilí is located in Ecuador.

Pujilí is a small town in the Cotopaxi Province of Ecuador, located ten to twenty minutes from Latacunga. It is the seat of the Pujilí Canton. Pujilí houses mainly indigenous Ecuadorians, and does not see a lot of tourists. It is well known for the market the town hosts on Sundays and Wednesdays. Among the many things sold there are their clothes, which people travel miles to buy, and has become a very profitable local endeavor. Pujilí is also known for its pottery and ceramics. It does not see as much tourist activity as towns such as Otavalo, so it remains a pretty pure indigenous market. However, more and more it is being discovered by tourists thirsting for something more authentic. Pujilí is also home to churches, artisan shops, and a yellow and blue staircase from which you can see the entire town. Read more on Wikipedia

Between 1924 and 1925, Pujilí was the birth place of 2 globally memorable people, including Guillermo Rodríguez and Antonio José González Zumárraga.

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Most individuals born in present day Pujilí were politicians (1) and religious figures (1),  while most who died were .

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