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Pavlodar ranks 1,953rd in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Berchtesgaden, Tórshavn, and Chminianska Nová Ves. Memorable people born in Pavlodar include Daniyal Akhmetov, Serhiy Skachenko, and Andrey Zeits. Pavlodar has been the birth place of many politicians and soccer players. Pavlodar is located in Kazakhstan.

Pavlodar is a city in northeastern Kazakhstan and the capital of Pavlodar Region. It is located 450 km northeast of the national capital Nur-Sultan, and 405 km southeast of the Russian city of Omsk along the Irtysh River. As of 2010, the city has a population of 331,710. The population of Pavlodar is composed predominantly of ethnic Russians and Kazakhs with significant Ukrainian, German and Tatar minorities. The city is served by Pavlodar Airport. Read more on Wikipedia

Between 1954 and 1986, Pavlodar was the birth place of 4 globally memorable people, including Daniyal Akhmetov, Serhiy Skachenko, and Andrey Zeits.

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Most individuals born in present day Pavlodar were politicians (2), soccer players (1), and cyclists (1),  while most who died were .