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Góra ranks 5,532nd in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Sohag Governorate, and Vicksburg, Mississippi. Memorable people born in Góra include Kuno Fischer and Radosław Kałużny. Góra has been the birth place of many philosophers and soccer players. Góra is located in Poland.

Góra is a town in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland. It is the administrative seat both of Góra County and of the smaller district (gmina) called Gmina Góra. Read more on Wikipedia

Between 1824 and 1974, Góra was the birth place of 2 globally memorable people, including Kuno Fischer and Radosław Kałużny.

People Born in Góra

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Most individuals born in present day Góra were philosophers (1) and soccer players (1),  while most who died were .

Below is a visual represetation of the lifespans of the top 1 globally memorable people born in Góra since 1700.