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Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Esmeraldas, Ecuador ranks 1,471st in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Hackney Central, Dobrich, and Mount Kisco, New York. Memorable people born in Esmeraldas, Ecuador include Iván Hurtado, Frickson Erazo, and Juan Carlos Paredes. Esmeraldas, Ecuador has been the birth place of many soccer players. Esmeraldas, Ecuador is located in Ecuador.

Esmeraldas is a coastal city in northwestern Ecuador. It is the seat of the Esmeraldas Canton and capital of the Esmeraldas Province. It has an international sea port and a small airport. Esmeraldas is the major seaport of northwestern Ecuador, and it lies on the Pacific coast at the mouth of the Esmeraldas River. It is exactly at the antipodes of Padang, Indonesia. The city is the principal trading hub for the region's agricultural and lumber resources, and is the terminus of the 313-mile (504-km) Trans-Ecuadorian Pipeline from the oil fields in northeastern Ecuador. Read more on Wikipedia

Between 1974 and 1990, Esmeraldas, Ecuador was the birth place of 5 globally memorable people, including Iván Hurtado, Frickson Erazo, and Juan Carlos Paredes.

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Most individuals born in present day Esmeraldas, Ecuador were soccer players (5),  while most who died were .