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Cúcuta ranks 2,294th in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Albury, Vila Nova de Famalicão, and Kuressaare. Memorable people born in Cúcuta include Francisco de Paula Santander, Virgilio Barco Vargas, and James Rodríguez. Cúcuta has been the birth place of many politicians and soccer players. Cúcuta is located in Colombia.

Cúcuta, officially San José de Cúcuta, is a Colombian city, capital of Norte de Santander department. It is located in the northeast of the country, in the eastern branch of the Colombian Andes, on the border with Venezuela. Cúcuta has a population of 711,715 people according to the 2018 census, making it the 6th largest city in the country. Due to its proximity with Venezuela, Cúcuta is an important commercial center, hosting many billion dollar companies. The international border in Cúcuta is said to be the most dynamic of South America. The city has a length of 12 kilometres from north to south and 11 kilometres from east to west. It is divided into 10 communes and it is the political, economic, administrative, industrial, cultural and tourism hub of the Norte de Santander department. Read more on Wikipedia

Between 1792 and 1991, Cúcuta was the birth place of 4 globally memorable people, including Francisco de Paula Santander, Virgilio Barco Vargas, and James Rodríguez.

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Most individuals born in present day Cúcuta were politicians (2), soccer players (1), and tennis players (1),  while most who died were .

Below is a visual represetation of the lifespans of the top 2 globally memorable people born in Cúcuta since 1700.