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Colony of Singapore ranks 5,291st in number of biographies on Pantheon, behind Bushey, Lugdunum, and Entre Ríos Province. Memorable people born in Colony of Singapore include Halimah Yacob and Wee Kim Wee. Colony of Singapore has been the birth place of many politicians. Colony of Singapore is located in Singapore.

The Colony of Singapore or simply Singapore was a British Crown colony that existed from 1946 until 1963. When the Empire of Japan surrendered to the Allies at the end of World War II, Singapore was returned to the British in 1945. In 1946, the Straits Settlements were dissolved and Singapore together with the Cocos-Keeling and Christmas Island became a separate Crown colony. The colony was governed by the United Kingdom until it gained partial internal self-governance in 1955. Read more on Wikipedia

Between 0 and 1915, Colony of Singapore was the birth place of 2 globally memorable people, including Halimah Yacob and Wee Kim Wee.

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Most individuals born in present day Colony of Singapore were politicians (2),  while most who died were .

Below is a visual represetation of the lifespans of the top 1 globally memorable people born in Colony of Singapore since 1700.