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With 117 biographies, Martial Arts are the 57th most common occupation in Pantheon, behind Linguists, Journalists, and Volleyball Players.

Pantheon has 119 people classified as martial arts born between 1809 and 1998. Of these 119, 98 (82.35%) of them are still alive today. The most famous living martial arts include Conor McGregor, Fedor Emelianenko, and Cynthia Rothrock. The most famous deceased martial arts include Ip Man, Kanō Jigorō, and Gichin Funakoshi. As of October 2020, 36 new martial arts have been added to Pantheon including Matsumura Sōkon, Morihiro Saito, and Shoji Nishio.

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Most martial arts were born in United States (41), Japan (19), and Brazil (13). By city, the most common birth places were Shuri, Okinawa (5), Curitiba (3), and Naha (2).The most common death places of martial arts were Japan (13), China (2), and Hong Kong (1). By city, these were Tokyo (4), Okinawa Prefecture (2), and Shuri, Okinawa (2).

The earliest biographies classified as martial arts in Pantheon are Higaonna Kanryō, Ankō Itosu, and Matsumura Sōkon.  The concentration of martial arts was largest during the Television Era, which lasted from 1950 to 1989. Some birth or death locations for earlier martial arts are unknown, which may account for timeline differences below.

Which Martial Arts were alive at the same time? This visualization shows the lifespans of the 18 most globally memorable Martial Arts since 1700.

Martial Arts are found within the Sports domain which also includes Soccer Players, Athletes, Basketball Players, Cyclists, and Tennis Players.